Warwick — Warwick's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Below will be found a list of the names of the soldiers sent by Warwick into the war of the Rebellion:
      Lyman Mason, Nathaniel M. Pond, Henry H. Jillson, Dwight S. Jennings, Rayal E. Stinson, Jesse F. Bridge, George Jennings, George E. Cook, Howard S. Proctor, Joseph A. Williams, William Dugan, Joseph Spencer, Henry 0. Cook, George Mason, Frederick Quinn, Amory Gould (2d), Alphonzo Rayner, Richards Mayo, Henry Witherell, Alonzo Scott, Dwight E. Stone, Orrin Curtis, Charles E. Randall, Charles Lawrence, Theodore Putnam, Jairus Hammond, Albert C. Barber, Artemas W. Ward, Richard Weeks, Jr., William Weeks, Francis S. Fuller, Joseph Putnam, R. H. Barber, H. W. Kidder, A. J. Curtis, George Severance, Alex. Cooper, George B. Cobb, Sumner Lincoln, Peter Dyer, John Farnsworth, Lewis Atwood, William H. Mason, A. R. Jennings, Joseph Adams, S. T. Underwood, Amos Taylor (3d), Alfred Houghton, Elliot Stone, Charles W. Higgins, Albert L. Hunt, Silas Jennings, Samuel Adams, Henry W. Lawrence,* Francis L. Moore,* Levi E. Switzer,* Frederic Williams,* Benjamin Hastings,* La Fayette Nelson,* Edward N. Colter,* Seth A. Woodward,* Henry H. Manning,* Jas. D. Pierce,* Charles Jones,* James H. Fuller,* Willard Packard,* Franklin Pierce,* J. B. Caldwell,* W. H. Blake,* Jos. W. Sawyer,* L. S. Jillson,* M. S. Cushing,* M. L. B. Partridge,* Joseph Drake,* Edwards Davis,* James M. Chapin,* J. S. Rayner, Jr.,* S. P. Shepardson, Jr.,* Jos. W Ellis.*
      The last 26 names, marked with a *, are the names of those who died in the service. These names are inscribed on a soldiers' monument erected in 1866 in the Fisk Cemetery at Warwick village. The monument is a handsome shaft of New Hampshire granite, and was constructed at a cost of $1336. The amount raised by Warwick to furnish soldiers for the war was $17,827.37.

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