Warwick — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The burying-ground first laid out in 1766, in what is now Warwick, occupied a lot adjoining the present Unitarian Church in Warwick village, but it was abandoned in 1782, and many of the remains were transferred, with the old head-stones, to the Fisk Cemetery, opposite the Congregational Church, in the upper village, donated in part by Moses Leonard and in part (in 1864) by Mrs. E. C. Fisk. There is but one headstone standing in the old burial-place, and it records the death, in 1777, of Abel Stevens.
      Among the oldest inscriptions seen in the new cemetery (the only public burial-place in the town) are the following:
      Rev. Lemuel Hedge, 1777; Mary Proctor, 1782; Anne Davenport, 1784; Christopher Gouldsbury, 1782; Hannah Whitney, 1784; Hannah Roberts, 1784; Mary Stevens, 1782; Lucy Ball, 1782; Moses Leonard, 1788; Phoebe Bancroft, 1788; Samuel Williams, 1786; Robert Burnet, 1790; Josiah Gale, 1794; Sally Pierce, 1795; Jas. Ball, 1797: Elizabeth Gale, 1798; Leonard Bancroft, 1798; Malinda Gale, 1799; Elizabeth Stevens, 1793; Elijah Whitney, 1792; Samuel Ball, 1799; Luceba Penniman, 1792; Simeon Stearns, 1800; Jonas Ball, 1803; Caleb Mayo, 1510; John Gouldsbury, 1802.
      In 1871, Mrs. Mary Blake Clapp, of Boston, donated $500 to the town of Warwick as a fund whose income should be set apart for beautifying and keeping the cemetery in repair, and in 1872 she made a second donation of $500 for the same purpose.

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