Warwick — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      From 1763, to the present time the persons who have served the town as selectmen and town clerks will be found named, as follows:

1763.—Moses Evans, Jeduthan Morse, Jas. Ball.
1764-66.—Benjamin Conant, Jeduthan Morse, Jas. Ball.
1767.—Benjamin Conant, Jeduthan Morse, Amos Marsh, A. Doolittle, Moses Leonard.
1768.—Job Gilbert, Jeduthan Morse, Jas. Ball.
1769.—Thomas Rich, Jeduthan Morse, Jas. Ball.
1770.—Jas. Ball, Dr. Medad Pomeroy, Job Gilbert.
1771.—Jas. Ball, Dr. Medad Pomeroy, Samuel Williams.
1772.—John Gouldsbury, Ezra Conant, Jonathan Woodward.
1773.—Jas. Ball, Medad Pomeroy, Ezra Conant.
1774.—Jas. Ball, Medad Pomeroy, Amos Marsh.
1775.—Josiah Pomeroy, Thomas Rich, David Cobb; S. Williams, Amos Marsh
1776.—Seth Peck, A. Doolittle, David Cobb, D. Buckman, Amos Marsh.
1777.—Seth Peck, Josiah Pomeroy, Thomas Rich, John Ormsbee, Amos Marsh.
1778.—Caleb Mayo, Josiah Pomeroy, Thomas Rich, Jos. Mayo, Amos Marsh.
1779.—Samuel Williams, Jos. Mayo, Thomas Rich.
1780.—Thomas Rich, Josiah Pomeroy, Nathaniel Rich, Josiah Cobb, Ebenezer Cheney.
1781.—Capt. Gouldsbury, Nathaniel Rich, Josiah Cobb.
1782.—Capt. Gouldsbury, Capt. Langley, Dr. Pomeroy.
1783.—Capt. Gouldsbury, Josiah Cobb, Jacob Rich.
1784-85.—Samuel Langley, Josiah Cobb, Dr. Pomeroy.
1786.—Thomas Rich, Josiah Cobb, Dr. Pomeroy.
1787.—Thomas Rich, Josiah Cobb, Jas. Gouldsbury.
1788-94.—N. G. Stevens, J. Gale, Mark Moore, Josiah Cobb, Jas. Gouldsbury
1794.—Josiah Cobb, Reuben Shattuck, Mark Moore, Benj. Simonds, Jas. Gouldsbury.
1795. —Benj. Simonds, John Whitney, Mark Moore, Joshua Atwood, Jas. Gouldsbury.
1796.—Josiah Cobb, Jonathan Gale, Benjamin Simonds.
1797.—Caleb Mayo, John Wilson, Benjamin Simonds.
1798.—Josiah Cobb, John Wilson, Ebenezer Williams.
1799.—John Wilson, Jr., Ebenezer Williams, Jas. Gouldsbury, 1800.—Mark Moore, Ebenezer Williams, Jas. Gouldsbury.
1801.—Jacob Estey, Ebenezer Williams, Zachariah Barber.
1802-4.—Abraham Stevens, E. Williams, Caleb Mayo.
1805.—Abraham Stevens, William Cobb, Jr., Caleb Mayo.
1806.—Abraham Stevens, William Cobb, Jr., Justus Russell.
1807.—Caleb Mayo, Ebenezer Pierce, Justus Russell.
1808-9.—Joshua Atwood, Samuel Ball, Justus Russell.
1810.—Joshua Atwood, Jonathan Blake, Jr., Benjamin Simons.
1811.—Joshua Atwood, Jonathan Blake, Jr., Perez Allen.
1812.—Elias Knowlton, J. Blake, Jr., Josiah Proctor.
1813.—Joshua Atwood, J. Blake, Jr., Caleb Mayo.
1814.—Ashhel Ward, J. Blake, Jr., Caleb Mayo.
1815.—Ashb el Ward, Joshua Atwood, Ebenezer Stearns, Jr.
1816-17.—Ashhel Ward, Jonathan Blake, E. Stearns, Jr.
1818.—Aslibel Ward, Josiah Proctor, William Burnet, Jr.
1819.—Ashbel Ward, Josiah Proctor, Elijah Fisk.
1820.—Ashbel Ward, Joshua Atwood, Justus Russell.
1821.—Josiah Proctor, Joshua Atwood, Justus Russell.
1822-23.—Ashbel Ward, Ebenezer Barber, Jas. Gouldsbury.
1824.—Leonard Wheelock, E. Barber, Jas Gouldsbury.
1821.—Leonard Wheelock, Ashbel Ward, Jos. Stevens.
1826-28.—Leonard Wheelock, Amory Gale, Jos. Stevens.
1829.—Leonard Wheelock, Amory Gale, Joel Pierce.
1830.—Leonard Wheelock, Jonathan Blake, Jr., Ansel Lesure.
1831.—Abijah Eddy, J. Blake, Jr., Ansel Lesure.
1832-33.—Abijah Eddy, Jos. Stevens, Jacob R. Gale.
1834.—Samuel Blake, Jos. Stevens, J. P. Gale.
1831.—Samuel Blake, Abijah Eddy, J. R. Gale.
1836.—Samuel Blake, Abijah Eddy, Jasper Leland.
1837.—Ira Draper, Abijah Eddy, Jasper Leland.
1838-39.—William E. Russell, Abijah Eddy, J. Leland.
1840.—William E. Russell, David Gale, Jr., J. Leland.
1841.—William E. Russell, David Gate, Jr., David Burnett.
1842-43.—Ira Draper, Jacob R. Gale, D. Burnett.
1843-44.—Ira Draper, David Gale, Abijah Eddy.
1845.—Joel Pierce, Harvey Conant, Abijah Eddy.
1846.— Ira Draper, Asa Wheeler, Jas. Stockwell.
1847.—Clark Stearns, Asa Wheeler, Jame Stockwell.
1848.—Clark Stearns, Harvey Barber, J. Stockwell.
1849.—Clark Stearns, Harvey Barber, George W. Moore.
1850-51.—John G. Gale, Harvey Barber, G. W. Moore.
1852.—E. F. Mayo. Jas. Stockwell, S. N. Atwood.
1853.—E F. Mayo, John G. Gale, S. N. Atwood.
1854.—E. F. Mayo, lbri Baker, S. N. Atwood.
1855.— E. F. Mayo, Ibri Baker, Clark Stearns.
1856.—Jas. S. Wheeler, Ibri Baker, Clark Stearns.
1857-59.—Henry G. Mallard, N. E. Stevens, S. W. Wilson.
1860.—Edward F. Mayo, William H. Bass, Sylvanus S. Atwood.
1861-62.—Charles R. Gale, W. H. Bass, S. S. Atwood.
1863.—Charles R. Gale, E. G. Ball, Hervey Barber.
1664.—J. F. Bridge, E. G. Ball, Hervey Barber.
1865.—J. F. Bridge, William H. Gale, E. F. Mayo.
1866.—Lyman Atwood, W. H. Gale, E. F. Mayo.
1867.—Lyman Atwood, W. H. Gale, J. S. Wheeler.
1868.—Lyman Atwood, E. F. Mayo, J. S. Wheeler.
1869.—H. H. Jilson, E. F. Mayo, J. S. Wheeler.
1870.—Jas. S. Wheeler, E. F. Mayo, H. H. Jilson.
1871.—Jesse F. Bridge, E. F. Mayo, H. H. Jilson.
1872.—J. F. Bridge, J. L. Stockwell, H. H. Jilson.
1873.—J. F. Midge, J. L. Stockwell, William K. Taylor.
1874.—William H. Gale, J. L. Stockwell, W. K. Taylor.
1875.—William H. Gale, E. F. Mayo, W. K. Taylor.
1876.—J. L. Stockwell, E. F. Mayo, A. C. White.
1877.—J. L. Stockwell, Darius Stone, A. C. White.
1878.—J. L. Stockwell, E. F. Mayo, C. A. Williams.

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