Greenfield — Societies

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.


      Republican Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons was organized Jan. 28, 1795. The institution languished in 1821, and the charter was given up, or rather removed to the town of Gill for a while, and then surrendered. In December, 1851, after the anti-Masonic excitement had passed, the lodge came forth anew. The old charter was restored, and John A. Gamber chosen Master. Since that time the lodge has had a flourishing career. Its present officers are James R. Long, W. M.; John M. Wells, S. W.; Charles L. Smith, J. W.; Charles P. Forbes, Treas.; Luther L. Pratt, Sec.
      The Franklin Royal Arch Chapter was organized Jan. 11, 1818. George Wilby was M. E. H. P.
      Titus Strong Council was organized Dec. 9, 1856. George Wilby was T. I. M.
      Connecticut Valley Commandery was organized Oct. 30, 1867. Charles H. McLellan was E. C.
      Knights of the Red Cross.—William S. Severance, Sovereign.
      Connecticut Valley Masonic Relief Association.—B. S. Parker, President; E. H. Hall, Vice-President; C. P. Forbes, Treas.; L. C. Pratt, Sec.


      Pocomptuck Lodge, No. 97, I. O. O. F., was instituted in Greenfield, May 6, 1845. Charter surrendered August, 1855. Reinstituted Nov. 28, 1870. Admissions since that time, 160. Present membership, 120. Income for 1878, $952. Disbursed to the sick in 1878, $112. The present officers are Manly McClure, N. G.; Warren M. King, V. G.; Hopkins Woods, Sec.; Charles Simonds, Treas.

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