An Old Deerfield Letter, by by S.G.W. Benjamin., 1890, continued.

returned to the place where left our Packs, with a small quantity of plunder, and there we packed up and Steared our Course for Dunstable, & in Time reached it. From thence we traveled to Chenfford, And the People being very kind to us, our Capt with a waiting-man went to Boston, to Inform his Excellency, Govr Dudley of his good service Done the Province, ordering the Livt to take the men and march to Marlborough, & then to wait for him, & in a little time he came, and ordered us to march homewards. from thence we marched to brookfield, which was a very hard Day's travail, by reason of some men being very Lame, from thence we marched to Hadley, from thence to Hatfield, from thence to Deerfield, where we first set from. Finis.

* * * * * *

Thus much, Sr, from your humble Servat
(Signed) Ebener Grant.

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