Conway — Military: Conway's Rebellion Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Following are the names of those who went from Conway into the military service during the war of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1865:

J. D. Allis,* 10th Mass.
A. H. Warren, 10th Mass.
W. F. Cone,* l0th Mass.
Wm. H. Adams, 10th Mass.
H. W. Graves, 10th Mass.
E. G. Hayden, 10th Mass.
E. R. Gardner,* 10th Mass.
F. E. Hartwell, 10th Mass.
Alonzo Bates, 10th Mass.
W. R. Smith, 10th Mass.
Henry Bowman, 20th Mass.
Geo. F. Arms, 1st Cav.
H. C. Allen, lst Cav.
H. A. Gray, 1st Cav.
O. D. Remington, 1st Cav.
G. W. Flagg, 1st Cav.
Tyler Harding, 1st Cav.
H. J. Wilder,* 1st Cav.
Chas. M. Smith, 1st Cav.
Baxter Harding, 1st Cav.
E. L. Hall, 1st Cav.
A. F. Hubbard,* 1st Cav.
Geo. A. Abell, 1st Cav.
H. A. Stearns, 1st Cav.
J. W. Jackson, 1st Cav.
E. F. Bradford; 1st Cav.
E. A. Burnham, 1st Cav.
Sam. Ware,* 1st Cav.
F. A. Clary,* 31st Mass.
J. W. Goland,* 31st Mass.
S. M. Ware, 31st Mass.
A. Bailey, 31st Mass.
P. F. Nims, 31st Mass.
Chas. F. Wright, 31st Mass.
G. H. Johnson, 31st Mass.
C. G. Wells, 31st Mass.
S. H. Dyer, 31st Mass.
Wm. C. Maynard, 31st Mass.
L. Burnett, 31st Mass.
Edward Metivier, 31st Mass.
Jas. Johnson, 31st Mass.
John Island, 31st Mass.
Patrick Hayes, 31st Mass.
F. D. Howland, 31st Mass.
S. R. Walker, 31st Mass.
Jas. F. Hunter, 31st Mass.
John White, 31st Mass.
Geo. W. Dinsmore,* 5th N. Y. Cav.
John Lannigar,* 5th N. Y. Cav.
Fred Wrigley,* 2d N. Y. Inf.
Chas. Richardson, - Conn.
S. N. Peterson,* 38th Mass.
I. I. N. Hitchcock, 4th Mass.
Peter Hackett, 34th Mass.
Patrick Gallivan, 34th Mass.
Geo. H. Smith, 27th Mass.
J. W. Smith, 27th Mass.
Wm. H. Averill,* 37th Mass.
L. A. Bradford, 37th Mass.
Sam. Bigelow, 37th Mass.
L. W. Merrifield, 37th Mass.
F. E. Rowe, 37th Mass.
O. F. Childs, 37th Mass.
E. A. Blood,* 37th Mass.
Geo. C. Johnson, 37th Mass.
Sumner Warner,* 37th Mass.
John Connelly, 57th Muss.
Jas. H. Clapp, 32d Mass.
Horace Dill, H. Art.
Horace Hosford, 52d Mass.
O. P. Edgerton, 52d Mass.
Wm. Townsend, Jr., 52d Mass.
E. W. Richardson, 52d Mass.
H. G. Scott,* 52d Mass.
A. O. Sikes,* 52d Mass.
J. W. Bradford, 52d Mass.
E W. Hamilton, 52d Mass.
Manley Guilford,* 52d Mass.
W. D. Sanderson, 52d Mass.
M. S. Jenkins, 52d Mass.
H. C. Munson, 52d Mass.
Patrick Manning, 52d Mass.
C. E. Crittenden, 52d Mass.
Chas. A. Holcomb, 52d Mass.
Wm. Watson, 52d Mass.
Geo. F. Crittenden, 52d Mass.
W. G. Field, 52d Mass.
Geo. Sheppard, 52d Mass.
A. J. Andrews, 52d Mass.
F. B. Lee, 52d Mass.
C. G. Townsend, 52d Mass.
Nath. Bartlett,* 52d Mass.
Geo. D. Braman, 52d Mass.
Jas. S. Stebbins,* 52d Mass.
Henry Nye, 52d Mass.
Wm. D. Allis,* 52d Mass.
Wm. H. Clapp, 52d Mass.
Marcus Howland,* 52d Mass.
Oscar Richardson, 521 Mass.
H. F. Macomber, 52d Mass.
Medad Hill, 52d Mass.
Chas. Macomber, 52d Mass.
F. M. Patrick, 52d Mass.

* Died in the service, or in consequence of wounds received therein.

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